New Trust Reporting Rules

The deadline for 2023 trust filings is fast approaching. With it comes new reporting rules that are both complex and confusing. Large penalties are a threat for those who don’t comply.

Another challenge is that virtually all trusts now need to file a T3 trust return, including, for the first time, bare trusts.

We have prepared a comprehensive 90-minute program to explain the rules, and provide our views on difficult issues requiring judgement. Also, we have developed sample letters and a worksheet Excel form to help in gathering the necessary information.

A package of resources will be sent to you following registration for your use. At the end of the presentation, there will be a short, live Q&A period.

Don’t miss this very informative session. It may well save you time and help you to avoid mistakes.

Even though the session is complimentary, you still need to register to access the program.

Principal Residence

The principal residence exemption is more complex than ever. This session will provide a comprehensive resource on the rules, leading cases and CRA views.

Join us for this all-new, two-hour session covering:

Taxation and Divorce

Tax rules on separation and divorce seem simple, but are they? Where private companies are involved, the issues rapidly become complex.

Join us for this all-new, two-hour session covering:

Note that this session will not cover family law issues, which are primarily a legal matter and vary by province.